Origin:  BC, Canada


Genres:  Alternative, Metal


Years Active:  2013- Present


Website: Sonderous.ca

Short Bio

Guitarist/vocalist Tyrell Beal and drummer Travis Chrysler met in Nanaimo, BC in 2012. Having left school shortly after starting, Beal spent his time writing and hoping to find someone to start a project with for a few years while Chrysler performed in thrash bands and finished up his dIploma in jazz drumming.  As fate would have it, the two ended up relocating to Victoria BC only a few months apart from each other, both with the desire to pursue music in a new city. After each ended up with endeavors that didn’t work out, the two decided to start working together. It wasn’t long before they realized they were on the same page musically and decided to get a house together so they could focus on the music in more depth. Soon after, old friend and bassist Zach Cameron joined the duo and things clicked even more. About a year into writing songs with the three members, Sonderous finally found their final member, Dylan Lammie, a young rock/blues phenom that Beal had met while working at a music store. With their solid 4 member lineup, the group began the recording of their EP in summer 2016. Said EP was released in 2017 and after almost 2 years of playing shows and working on new material, Travis had a shift in mind about his priorities and decided he could not participate in the project anymore. In a miraculous turn of events, in the tiny corner of the Earth that is Vancouver Island, an old friend of Dylan Lammie's, Cade King-Wilcox, another rock/metal drummer, educated in jazz, who was a fan of the band at the time, learned the live set in a matter of a few weeks. Not an easy feat as Travis had made some very challenging drum parts. Nevertheless, they all played an already booked show together that was a great success and from there, Cade had found himself a place in the band with great ease. The band officially welcomed Cade into the project in summer of 2019 and they have been able to resume work on their full length album with their new found friendships and inspiration. 


Sonderous - Through Void (Live in Studio)
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